Based on the industrial and creative spirits pursuing over the future, our company in pursuit of developing the latest materials of environmental Separator Membrane has concentrated on the complete quality control as a management
policy. For the purpose of satisfying and fulfilling of client's needs we have been successed in gaining the Venture Industry confirmation, EM mark wining, patent / utility model, recognition of superior products by the Government Supply
Office and the Presidential award.Furthermore, in collaboration with noted universities and government-sponsored research centers through sustained
studies for development, all of our, staffs and researchers solemnly ...
A New Concept of Easily Installable & Operable ; Sewage Treatment System

Feature of a MBR package system
- Easy to mobile and Easy to Installation
- Stability
- Adaptable to a temperature change in winter
- Storage of sludge
- Maintenance of stable treated water quality
Highly accumulated technology enables
excellent water filtration performance.
High Performance / Low Price / Long Life
Submerged Flat Membrane system
Submerged Flat Membrane system(Block)
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